The Twenty-Second National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2007)

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1 Transferring Naive Bayes Classifiers for Text Classification. Wenyuan Dai, Gui-Rong Xue, Qiang Yang, Yong Yu. AAAI 2007, 540-545. Cited by 24Web SearchBibTeXDownload
2 Semi-Supervised Learning with Very Few Labeled Training Examples. Zhi-Hua Zhou, De-Chuan Zhan, Qiang Yang. AAAI 2007, 675-680. Cited by 21Web SearchBibTeXDownload
3 GRIN: A Graph Based RDF Index. Octavian Udrea, Andrea Pugliese, V. S. Subrahmanian. AAAI 2007, 1465-1470. Cited by 18Web SearchBibTeXDownload
4 Nonmyopic Informative Path Planning in Spatio-Temporal Models. Alexandra Meliou, Andreas Krause, Carlos Guestrin, Joseph M. Hellerstein. AAAI 2007, 602-607. Cited by 17Web SearchBibTeXDownload
5 Scaling Up: Solving POMDPs through Value Based Clustering. Yan Virin, Guy Shani, Solomon Eyal Shimony, Ronen I. Brafman. AAAI 2007, 1910-1911. Cited by 16Web SearchBibTeXDownload
6 Mining Web Query Hierarchies from Clickthrough Data. Dou Shen, Min Qin, Weizhu Chen, Qiang Yang, Zheng Chen. AAAI 2007, 341-346. Cited by 12Web SearchBibTeXDownload
7 VOILA: Efficient Feature-value Acquisition for Classification. Mustafa Bilgic, Lise Getoor. AAAI 2007, 1225-1230. Cited by 10Web SearchBibTeXDownload
8 Relationship Identification for Social Network Discovery. Christopher P. Diehl, Galileo Namata, Lise Getoor. AAAI 2007, 546-552. Cited by 9Web SearchBibTeXDownload
9 Adaptive Localization in a Dynamic WiFi Environment through Multi-view Learning. Sinno Jialin Pan, James T. Kwok, Qiang Yang, Jeffrey Junfeng Pan. AAAI 2007, 1108-1113. Cited by 9Web SearchBibTeXDownload
10 Computing Optimal Subsets. Maxim Binshtok, Ronen I. Brafman, Solomon Eyal Shimony, Ajay Mani, Craig Boutilier. AAAI 2007, 1231-1236. Cited by 7Web SearchBibTeXDownload
11 Mining Sequential Patterns and Tree Patterns to Detect Erroneous Sentences. Guihua Sun, Gao Cong, Xiaohua Liu, Chin-Yew Lin, Ming Zhou. AAAI 2007, 925-930. Cited by 3Web SearchBibTeXDownload
12 Real-Time Identification of Operating Room State from Video. Beenish Bhatia, Tim Oates, Yan Xiao, Peter Fu-Ming Hu. AAAI 2007, 1761-1766. Cited by 2Web SearchBibTeXDownload
13 BlogVox: Learning Sentiment Classifiers. Justin Martineau, Akshay Java, Pranam Kolari, Timothy W. Finin, Anupam Joshi, James Mayfield. AAAI 2007, 1888-1889. Cited by 1Web SearchBibTeXDownload
14 Enabling Domain-Awareness for a Generic Natural Language Interface. Yunyao Li, Ishan Chaudhuri, Huahai Yang, Satinder Singh, H. V. Jagadish. AAAI 2007, 833-838. Cited by 1Web SearchBibTeXDownload
15 Aggregating User-Centered Rankings to Improve Web Search. Lin Li, Zhenglu Yang, Masaru Kitsuregawa. AAAI 2007, 1884-1885. Cited by 1Web SearchBibTeXDownload
16 Towards Efficient Dominant Relationship Exploration of the Product Items on the Web. Zhenglu Yang, Lin Li, Botao Wang, Masaru Kitsuregawa. AAAI 2007, 1483-1488. Cited by 1Web SearchBibTeXDownload
17 On the Reasoning Patterns of Agents in Games. Avi Pfeffer, Ya'akov Gal. AAAI 2007, 102-109. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
18 Humans Perform Semi-Supervised Classification Too. Xiaojin Zhu, Timothy J. Rogers, Ruichen Qian, Chuck Kalish. AAAI 2007, 864-870. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
19 M2ICAL Analyses HC-Gammon. Wee-Chong Oon, Martin Henz. AAAI 2007, 621-626. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
20 Action-Based Alternating Transition Systems for Arguments about Action. Katie Atkinson, Trevor J. M. Bench-Capon. AAAI 2007, 24-29. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
21 Counting Models using Extension Rules. Minghao Yin, Hai Lin, Jigui Sun. AAAI 2007, 1916-1917. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
22 Approximate Query Answering in Locally Closed Databases. Alvaro Cortés-Calabuig, Marc Denecker, Ofer Arieli, Maurice Bruynooghe. AAAI 2007, 397-402. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
23 A Demonstration of ScriptEase Interruptible and Resumable Behaviors for CRPGs. Maria Cutumisu, Duane Szafron, Jonathan Schaeffer, Kevin Waugh, Curtis Onuczko, Jeff Siegel, Allan Schumacher. AAAI 2007, 1968-1969. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
24 Answering Regular Path Queries in Expressive Description Logics: An Automata-Theoretic Approach. Diego Calvanese, Thomas Eiter, Magdalena Ortiz. AAAI 2007, 391-396. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
25 Point-Based Policy Iteration. Shihao Ji, Ronald Parr, Hui Li, Xuejun Liao, Lawrence Carin. AAAI 2007, 1243-1249. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
26 Near-Optimal Search in Continuous Domains. Samuel Ieong, Nicolas S. Lambert, Yoav Shoham, Ronen I. Brafman. AAAI 2007, 1158-1163. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
27 A Planning Approach for Message-Oriented Semantic Web Service Composition. Zhen Liu, Anand Ranganathan, Anton Riabov. AAAI 2007, 1389-1394. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
28 Joint Inference in Information Extraction. Hoifung Poon, Pedro Domingos. AAAI 2007, 913-918. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
29 A Multi-Agent Approach to Distributed Rendering Optimization. Carlos Gonzalez-Morcillo, Gerhard Weiss, Luis Jiménez, David Vallejo. AAAI 2007, 1775-1780. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
30 Online Co-Localization in Indoor Wireless Networks by Dimension Reduction. Jeffrey Junfeng Pan, Qiang Yang, Sinno Jialin Pan. AAAI 2007, 1102-1107. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
31 Semantic Inference at the Lexical-Syntactic Level. Roy Bar-Haim, Ido Dagan, Iddo Greental, Eyal Shnarch. AAAI 2007, 871-876. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
32 Measuring the Uncertainty of Differences for Contrasting Groups. Jilian Zhang, Shichao Zhang, Xiaofeng Zhu, Xindong Wu, Chengqi Zhang. AAAI 2007, 1920-1921. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
33 Harvesting Relations from the Web - Quantifiying the Impact of Filtering Functions. Sebastian Blohm, Philipp Cimiano, Egon Stemle. AAAI 2007, 1316-1321. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
34 Theta*: Any-Angle Path Planning on Grids. Kenny Daniel, Alex Nash, Sven Koenig, Ariel Felner. AAAI 2007, 1177-1183. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
35 Logical Generative Models for Probabilistic Reasoning about Existence, Roles and Identity. David Poole. AAAI 2007, 1271-1277. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
36 UNDERTOW: Multi-Level Segmentation of Real-Valued Time Series. Tom Armstrong, Tim Oates. AAAI 2007, 1842-1843. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
37 Best-First AND/OR Search for Graphical Models. Radu Marinescu, Rina Dechter. AAAI 2007, 1171-1176. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
38 Sampling with Memoization. Avi Pfeffer. AAAI 2007, 1263-1270. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
39 Logic for Automated Mechanism Design - A Progress Report. Michael Wooldridge, Thomas Ĺgotnes, Paul E. Dunne, Wiebe van der Hoek. AAAI 2007, 9-17. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
40 Gender-Sensitive Automated Negotiators. Ron Katz, Sarit Kraus. AAAI 2007, 821-826. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
41 Learning Language Semantics from Ambiguous Supervision. Rohit J. Kate, Raymond J. Mooney. AAAI 2007, 895-900. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
42 The Modal Logic S4F, the Default Logic, and the Logic Here-and-There. Miroslaw Truszczynski. AAAI 2007, 508-514. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
43 Unscented Message Passing for Arbitrary Continuous Variables in Bayesian Networks. Wei Sun, Kuo-Chu Chang. AAAI 2007, 1902-1903. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
44 A Unification of Extensive-Form Games and Markov Decision Processes. H. Brendan McMahan, Geoffrey J. Gordon. AAAI 2007, 86-93. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
45 ASKNet: Automatically Generating Semantic Knowledge Networks. Brian Harrington. AAAI 2007, 1931-1932. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
46 Search Space Reduction and Russian Doll Search. Kenil C. K. Cheng, Roland H. C. Yap. AAAI 2007, 179-184. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
47 A Kernel Approach to Comparing Distributions. Arthur Gretton, Karsten M. Borgwardt, Malte J. Rasch, Bernhard Schölkopf, Alexander J. Smola. AAAI 2007, 1637-1641. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
48 TableRank: A Ranking Algorithm for Table Search and Retrieval. Ying Liu, Kun Bai, Prasenjit Mitra, C. Lee Giles. AAAI 2007, 317-322. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
49 Recognizing Textual Entailment Using a Subsequence Kernel Method. Rui Wang, Günter Neumann. AAAI 2007, 937-943. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
50 Mapping and Revising Markov Logic Networks for Transfer Learning. Lilyana Mihalkova, Tuyen N. Huynh, Raymond J. Mooney. AAAI 2007, 608-614. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
51 Learning by Reading: A Prototype System, Performance Baseline and Lessons Learned. Ken Barker, Bhalchandra Agashe, Shaw Yi Chaw, James Fan, Noah S. Friedland, Michael Robert Glass, Jerry R. Hobbs, Eduard H. Hovy, David J. Israel, Doo Soon Kim, Rutu Mulkar-Mehta, Sourabh Patwardhan, Bruce W. Porter, Dan Tecuci, Peter Z. Yeh. AAAI 2007, 280-286. Web SearchBibTeX
52 Multi-Label Learning by Instance Differentiation. Min-Ling Zhang, Zhi-Hua Zhou. AAAI 2007, 669-674. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
53 Propagating Knapsack Constraints in Sublinear Time. Irit Katriel, Meinolf Sellmann, Eli Upfal, Pascal Van Hentenryck. AAAI 2007, 231-236. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
54 An Egalitarist Fusion of Incommensurable Ranked Belief Bases under Constraints. Salem Benferhat, Sylvain Lagrue, Julien Rossit. AAAI 2007, 367-372. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
55 User Model and Utility Based Power Management. Chih-Han Yu, Shie Mannor, Georgios Theocharous, Avi Pfeffer. AAAI 2007, 1918-1919. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
56 Improving Similarity Measures for Short Segments of Text. Wen-tau Yih, Christopher Meek. AAAI 2007, 1489-1494. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
57 Semi-Supervised Learning by Mixed Label Propagation. Wei Tong, Rong Jin. AAAI 2007, 651-656. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
58 DL-Lite in the Light of First-Order Logic. Alessandro Artale, Diego Calvanese, Roman Kontchakov, Michael Zakharyaschev. AAAI 2007, 361-366. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
59 A New Algorithm for Generating Equilibria in Massive Zero-Sum Games. Martin Zinkevich, Michael H. Bowling, Neil Burch. AAAI 2007, 788-794. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
60 Learning Graphical Model Structure Using L1-Regularization Paths. Mark W. Schmidt, Alexandru Niculescu-Mizil, Kevin P. Murphy. AAAI 2007, 1278-1283. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
61 A Semantic Importing Approach to Knowledge Reuse from Multiple Ontologies. Jie Bao, Giora Slutzki, Vasant Honavar. AAAI 2007, 1304-1309. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
62 Repairing Ontology Mappings. Christian Meilicke, Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Andrei Tamilin. AAAI 2007, 1408-1413. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
63 The Marchitecture: A Cognitive Architecture for a Robot Baby. Marc Pickett, Tim Oates. AAAI 2007, 1896-1897. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
64 Visualization and Adjustment of Evaluation Functions Based on Evaluation Values and Win Probability. Shogo Takeuchi, Tomoyuki Kaneko, Kazunori Yamaguchi, Satoru Kawai. AAAI 2007, 858-863. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
65 Freebase: A Shared Database of Structured General Human Knowledge. Kurt D. Bollacker, Robert P. Cook, Patrick Tufts. AAAI 2007, 1962-1963. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
66 On Policy Learning in Restricted Policy Spaces. Robby Goetschalckx, Jan Ramon. AAAI 2007, 1858-1859. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
67 Representing and Reasoning about Commitments in Business Processes. Nirmit Desai, Amit K. Chopra, Munindar P. Singh. AAAI 2007, 1328-1333. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
68 Scalable Semantic Retrieval through Summarization and Refinement. Julian Dolby, Achille Fokoue, Aditya Kalyanpur, Aaron Kershenbaum, Edith Schonberg, Kavitha Srinivas, Li Ma. AAAI 2007, 299-304. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
69 Modeling Reciprocal Behavior in Human Bilateral Negotiation. Ya'akov Gal, Avi Pfeffer. AAAI 2007, 815-820. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
70 Refining Rules Incorporated into Knowledge-Based Support Vector Learners Via Successive Linear Programming. Richard Maclin, Edward W. Wild, Jude W. Shavlik, Lisa Torrey, Trevor Walker. AAAI 2007, 584-589. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
71 A Logic of Agent Programs. Natasha Alechina, Mehdi Dastani, Brian Logan, John-Jules Ch. Meyer. AAAI 2007, 795-800. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
72 A Qualitative Approach to Multiple Fault Isolation in Continuous Systems. Matthew Daigle, Xenofon D. Koutsoukos, Gautam Biswas. AAAI 2007, 293-298. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
73 Equilibria in Heterogeneous Nonmonotonic Multi-Context Systems. Gerhard Brewka, Thomas Eiter. AAAI 2007, 385-390. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
74 An Intelligent System for Chinese Calligraphy. Songhua Xu, Hao Jiang, Francis Chi-Moon Lau, Yunhe Pan. AAAI 2007, 1578-1583. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
75 AURA: Enabling Subject Matter Experts to Construct Declarative Knowledge Bases from Science Textbooks. Ken Barker, Vinay K. Chaudhri, Shaw Yi Chaw, Peter Clark, Daniel Hansch, Bonnie E. John, Sunil Mishra, John Pacheco, Bruce W. Porter, Aaron Spaulding, Moritz Weiten. AAAI 2007, 1960-1961. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
76 A Modular Action Description Language for Protocol Composition. Nirmit Desai, Munindar P. Singh. AAAI 2007, 962-967. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
77 A Mathematical Programming Formulation for Sparse Collaborative Computer Aided Diagnosis. Jinbo Bi, Tao Xiong. AAAI 2007, 522-527. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
78 Actively Exploring Creation of Face Space(s) for Improved Face Recognition. Nitesh V. Chawla, Kevin W. Bowyer. AAAI 2007, 809-814. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
79 Beyond Individualism: Modeling Team Playing Behavior in Robot Soccer through Case-Based Reasoning. Raquel Ros, Manuela M. Veloso, Ramon López de Mántaras, Carles Sierra, Josep Lluís Arcos. AAAI 2007, 1671-1674. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
80 Efficient Reinforcement Learning with Relocatable Action Models. Bethany R. Leffler, Michael L. Littman, Timothy Edmunds. AAAI 2007, 572-577. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
81 Photometric and Geometric Restoration of Document Images Using Inpainting and Shape-from-Shading. Li Zhang, Andy M. Yip, Chew Lim Tan. AAAI 2007, 1121-1126. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
82 Simple Robots with Minimal Sensing: From Local Visibility to Global Geometry. Subhash Suri, Elias Vicari, Peter Widmayer. AAAI 2007, 1114-1120. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
83 Adaptive Traitor Tracing with Bayesian Networks. Philip Zigoris, Hongxia Jin. AAAI 2007, 1833-1839. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
84 A Generalized Gelfond-Lifschitz Transformation for Logic Programs with Abstract Constraints. Yi-Dong Shen, Jia-Huai You. AAAI 2007, 483-488. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
85 Online Collective Entity Resolution. Indrajit Bhattacharya, Lise Getoor. AAAI 2007, 1606-1609. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
86 A Logic of Emotions for Intelligent Agents. Bas R. Steunebrink, Mehdi Dastani, John-Jules Ch. Meyer. AAAI 2007, 142-147. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
87 Web Service Composition as Planning, Revisited: In Between Background Theories and Initial State Uncertainty. Jörg Hoffmann, Piergiorgio Bertoli, Marco Pistore. AAAI 2007, 1013-1018. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
88 Cost-Sensitive Imputing Missing Values with Ordering. Xiaofeng Zhu, Shichao Zhang, Jilian Zhang, Chengqi Zhang. AAAI 2007, 1922-1923. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
89 Finding Related Pages Using Green Measures: An Illustration with Wikipedia. Yann Ollivier, Pierre Senellart. AAAI 2007, 1427-1433. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
90 Temporal and Information Flow Based Event Detection from Social Text Streams. Qiankun Zhao, Prasenjit Mitra, Bi Chen. AAAI 2007, 1501-1506. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
91 Approximate Counting by Sampling the Backtrack-free Search Space. Vibhav Gogate, Rina Dechter. AAAI 2007, 198-203. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
92 Machine Learning for Automatic Mapping of Planetary Surfaces. Tomasz F. Stepinski, Soumya Ghosh, Ricardo Vilalta. AAAI 2007, 1807-1812. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
93 On the Approximation of Instance Level Update and Erasure in Description Logics. Giuseppe De Giacomo, Maurizio Lenzerini, Antonella Poggi, Riccardo Rosati. AAAI 2007, 403-408. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
94 Intention Guided Belief Revision. Timothy William Cleaver, Abdul Sattar. AAAI 2007, 36-41. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
95 A Randomized String Kernel and Its Application to RNA Interference. Shibin Qiu, Terran Lane, Ljubomir J. Buturovic. AAAI 2007, 627-632. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
96 Learning by Combining Observations and User Edits. Vittorio Castelli, Lawrence D. Bergman, Daniel Oblinger. AAAI 2007, 1610-1613. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
97 Kernel Regression with Order Preferences. Xiaojin Zhu, Andrew B. Goldberg. AAAI 2007, 681-687. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
98 A Text-to-Picture Synthesis System for Augmenting Communication. Xiaojin Zhu, Andrew B. Goldberg, Mohamed Eldawy, Charles R. Dyer, Bradley Strock. AAAI 2007, 1590-1596. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
99 Automatic Synthesis of a Global Behavior from Multiple Distributed Behaviors. Sebastian Sardińa, Fabio Patrizi, Giuseppe De Giacomo. AAAI 2007, 1063-1069. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
100 Near-optimal Observation Selection using Submodular Functions. Andreas Krause, Carlos Guestrin. AAAI 2007, 1650-1654. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
101 An Experimental Comparison of Constraint Logic Programming and Answer Set Programming. Agostino Dovier, Andrea Formisano, Enrico Pontelli. AAAI 2007, 1622-1625. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
102 Recommending Travel Packages Upon Distributed Knowledge. Fabiana Lorenzi, Ana L. C. Bazzan, Mara Abel. AAAI 2007, 1886-1887. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
103 A Deployed Semantically-Enabled Interdisciplinary Virtual Observatory. Deborah L. McGuinness, Peter Fox, Luca Cinquini, Patrick West, Jose Garcia, James L. Benedict, Don Middleton. AAAI 2007, 1972-1973. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
104 Optimal Multi-Agent Scheduling with Constraint Programming. Willem Jan van Hoeve, Carla P. Gomes, Bart Selman, Michele Lombardi. AAAI 2007, 1813-1818. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
105 Two Approaches for Building an Unsupervised Dependency Parser and Their Other Applications. Jagadeesh Gorla, Amit Goyal, Rajeev Sangal. AAAI 2007, 1860-1861. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
106 Partial Matchmaking using Approximate Subsumption. Heiner Stuckenschmidt. AAAI 2007, 1459-1464. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
107 Clustering with Local and Global Regularization. Fei Wang, Changshui Zhang, Tao Li. AAAI 2007, 657-662. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
108 Revenue Monotonicity in Combinatorial Auctions. Baharak Rastegari, Anne Condon, Kevin Leyton-Brown. AAAI 2007, 122-127. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
109 Modeling Contextual Factors of Click Rates. Hila Becker, Christopher Meek, David Maxwell Chickering. AAAI 2007, 1310-1315. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
110 Isometric Projection. Deng Cai, Xiaofei He, Jiawei Han. AAAI 2007, 528-533. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
111 Learning Causal Models for Noisy Biological Data Mining: An Application to Ovarian Cancer Detection. Ghim-Eng Yap, Ah-Hwee Tan, HweeHwa Pang. AAAI 2007, 354-359. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
112 Model-lite Planning for the Web Age Masses: The Challenges of Planning with Incomplete and Evolving Domain Models. Subbarao Kambhampati. AAAI 2007, 1601-1605. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
113 Integrative Construction and Analysis of Condition-specific Biological Networks. Sushmita Roy, Terran Lane, Margaret Werner-Washburne. AAAI 2007, 1898-1899. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
114 Time-Delay Neural Networks and Independent Component Analysis for EEG-Based Prediction of Epileptic Seizures Propagation. Piotr W. Mirowski, Deepak Madhavan, Yann LeCun. AAAI 2007, 1892-1893. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
115 ASKNet: Automated Semantic Knowledge Network. Brian Harrington, Stephen Clark. AAAI 2007, 889-894. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
116 A Modal Logic for Beliefs and Pro Attitudes. Kaile Su, Abdul Sattar, Han Lin, Mark Reynolds. AAAI 2007, 496-501. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
117 Ungreedy Methods for Chinese Deterministic Dependency Parsing. Xiangyu Duan, Jun Zhao, Bo Xu. AAAI 2007, 1850-1851. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
118 Improving Learning in Networked Data by Combining Explicit and Mined Links. Sofus A. Macskassy. AAAI 2007, 590-595. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
119 Prime Implicates and Prime Implicants in Modal Logic. Meghyn Bienvenu. AAAI 2007, 379-384. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
120 On the Benefits of Exploiting Underlying Goals in Argument-based Negotiation. Iyad Rahwan, Philippe Pasquier, Liz Sonenberg, Frank Dignum. AAAI 2007, 116-121. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
121 Learn to Compress and Restore Sequential Data. Yi Wang, Jianhua Feng, Shi-Xia Liu. AAAI 2007, 1912-1913. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
122 L2R: A Logical Method for Reference Reconciliation. Fatiha Saďs, Nathalie Pernelle, Marie-Christine Rousset. AAAI 2007, 329-334. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
123 Learning Large Scale Common Sense Models of Everyday Life. William Pentney, Matthai Philipose, Jeff A. Bilmes, Henry A. Kautz. AAAI 2007, 465-470. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
124 Active Algorithm Selection. Feilong Chen, Rong Jin. AAAI 2007, 534-539. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
125 From Whence Does Your Authority Come? Utilizing Community Relevance in Ranking. Lan Nie, Brian D. Davison, Baoning Wu. AAAI 2007, 1421-1426. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
126 Extracting Influential Nodes for Information Diffusion on a Social Network. Masahiro Kimura, Kazumi Saito, Ryohei Nakano. AAAI 2007, 1371-1376. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
127 Efficient Datalog Abduction through Bounded Treewidth. Georg Gottlob, Reinhard Pichler, Fang Wei. AAAI 2007, 1626-1631. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
128 Description Logics for Multi-Issue Bilateral Negotiation with Incomplete Information. Azzurra Ragone, Tommaso Di Noia, Eugenio Di Sciascio, Francesco M. Donini. AAAI 2007, 477-482. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
129 OPTIMOL: A Framework for Online Picture Collection via Incremental Model Learning. Li-Jia Li, Juan Carlos Niebles, Fei-Fei Li. AAAI 2007, 1987-1988. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
130 Content Analysis for Proactive Intelligence: Marshaling Frame Evidence. Antonio Sanfilippo, Andrew J. Cowell, Stephen Tratz, A. M. Boek, Amanda K. Cowell, Christian Posse, Line C. Pouchard. AAAI 2007, 919-924. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
131 Modeling and Learning Vague Event Durations for Temporal Reasoning. Feng Pan, Rutu Mulkar, Jerry R. Hobbs. AAAI 2007, 1659-1662. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
132 Disaster Evacuation Support. Christopher J. Carpenter, Christopher Dugan, Joseph Kopena, Robert N. Lass, Gaurav Naik, Duc N. Nguyen, Evan Sultanik, Pragnesh Jay Modi, William C. Regli. AAAI 2007, 1964-1965. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
133 Counting CSP Solutions Using Generalized XOR Constraints. Carla P. Gomes, Willem Jan van Hoeve, Ashish Sabharwal, Bart Selman. AAAI 2007, 204-209. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
134 An Online Interactive Journal Ranking System. Andrew Lim, Hong Ma, Qi Wen, Zhou Xu, Brenda Cheang, Bernard Tan, Wenbin Zhu. AAAI 2007, 1723-1729. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
135 Graph Partitioning Based on Link Distributions. Bo Long, Zhongfei (Mark) Zhang, Philip S. Yu. AAAI 2007, 578-583. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
136 Probabilistic Community Discovery Using Hierarchical Latent Gaussian Mixture Model. Haizheng Zhang, C. Lee Giles, Henry C. Foley, John Yen. AAAI 2007, 663-668. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
137 Generality and Equivalence Relations in Default Logic. Katsumi Inoue, Chiaki Sakama. AAAI 2007, 434-439. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
138 Complexity Boundaries for Horn Description Logics. Markus Krötzsch, Sebastian Rudolph, Pascal Hitzler. AAAI 2007, 452-457. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
139 Flexible Provisioning of Service Workflows. Sebastian Stein, Nicholas R. Jennings, Terry R. Payne. AAAI 2007, 1949-1950. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
140 Active Imitation Learning. Aaron P. Shon, Deepak Verma, Rajesh P. N. Rao. AAAI 2007, 756-762. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
141 R-CAST: Integrating Team Intelligence for Human-Centered Teamwork. Xiaocong Fan, John Yen. AAAI 2007, 1535-1541. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
142 The Virtual Solar-Terrestrial Observatory: A Deployed Semantic Web Application Case Study for Scientific Research. Deborah L. McGuinness, Peter Fox, Luca Cinquini, Patrick West, Jose Garcia, James L. Benedict, Don Middleton. AAAI 2007, 1730-1737. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
143 Representative Explanations for Over-Constrained Problems. Barry O'Sullivan, Alexandre Papadopoulos, Boi Faltings, Pearl Pu. AAAI 2007, 323-328. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
144 Wings for Pegasus: Creating Large-Scale Scientific Applications Using Semantic Representations of Computational Workflows. Yolanda Gil, Varun Ratnakar, Ewa Deelman, Gaurang Mehta, Jihie Kim. AAAI 2007, 1767-1774. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
145 A Temporal Mereology for Distinguishing between Integral Objects and Portions of Stuff. Thomas Bittner, Maureen Donnelly. AAAI 2007, 287-292. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
146 Provisioning Heterogeneous and Unreliable Providers for Service Workflows. Sebastian Stein, Nicholas R. Jennings, Terry R. Payne. AAAI 2007, 1452-1458. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
147 Template-Independent News Extraction Based on Visual Consistency. Shuyi Zheng, Ruihua Song, Ji-Rong Wen. AAAI 2007, 1507-1511. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
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