The Tenth ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2004)

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1 Mining and summarizing customer reviews. Minqing Hu, Bing Liu. KDD 2004, 168-177. Cited by 431Web SearchBibTeXDownload
2 Towards parameter-free data mining. Eamonn J. Keogh, Stefano Lonardi, Chotirat (Ann) Ratanamahatana. KDD 2004, 206-215. Cited by 190Web SearchBibTeXDownload
3 Fast discovery of connection subgraphs. Christos Faloutsos, Kevin S. McCurley, Andrew Tomkins. KDD 2004, 118-127. Cited by 121Web SearchBibTeXDownload
4 Exploiting dictionaries in named entity extraction: combining semi-Markov extraction processes and data integration methods. William W. Cohen, Sunita Sarawagi. KDD 2004, 89-98. Cited by 115Web SearchBibTeXDownload
5 Discovering complex matchings across web query interfaces: a correlation mining approach. Bin He, Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang, Jiawei Han. KDD 2004, 148-157. Cited by 114Web SearchBibTeXDownload
6 Automatic multimedia cross-modal correlation discovery. Jia-Yu Pan, Hyung-Jeong Yang, Christos Faloutsos, Pinar Duygulu. KDD 2004, 653-658. Cited by 107Web SearchBibTeXDownload
7 On demand classification of data streams. Charu C. Aggarwal, Jiawei Han, Jianyong Wang, Philip S. Yu. KDD 2004, 503-508. Cited by 103Web SearchBibTeXDownload
8 SPIN: mining maximal frequent subgraphs from graph databases. Jun Huan, Wei Wang, Jan Prins, Jiong Yang. KDD 2004, 581-586. Cited by 95Web SearchBibTeXDownload
9 Clustering moving objects. Yifan Li, Jiawei Han, Jiong Yang. KDD 2004, 617-622. Cited by 79Web SearchBibTeXDownload
10 IncSpan: incremental mining of sequential patterns in large database. Hong Cheng, Xifeng Yan, Jiawei Han. KDD 2004, 527-532. Cited by 75Web SearchBibTeXDownload
11 When do data mining results violate privacy?. Murat Kantarcioglu, Jiashun Jin, Chris Clifton. KDD 2004, 599-604. Cited by 73Web SearchBibTeXDownload
12 Fully automatic cross-associations. Deepayan Chakrabarti, Spiros Papadimitriou, Dharmendra S. Modha, Christos Faloutsos. KDD 2004, 79-88. Cited by 73Web SearchBibTeXDownload
13 Mining, indexing, and querying historical spatiotemporal data. Nikos Mamoulis, Huiping Cao, George Kollios, Marios Hadjieleftheriou, Yufei Tao, David W. Cheung. KDD 2004, 236-245. Cited by 69Web SearchBibTeXDownload
14 Approximating a collection of frequent sets. Foto N. Afrati, Aristides Gionis, Heikki Mannila. KDD 2004, 12-19. Cited by 64Web SearchBibTeXDownload
15 Mining reference tables for automatic text segmentation. Eugene Agichtein, Venkatesh Ganti. KDD 2004, 20-29. Cited by 55Web SearchBibTeXDownload
16 Fast mining of spatial collocations. Xin Zhang, Nikos Mamoulis, David W. Cheung, Yutao Shou. KDD 2004, 384-393. Cited by 53Web SearchBibTeXDownload
17 Visually mining and monitoring massive time series. Jessica Lin, Eamonn J. Keogh, Stefano Lonardi, Jeffrey P. Lankford, Donna M. Nystrom. KDD 2004, 460-469. Cited by 51Web SearchBibTeXDownload
18 Mining coherent gene clusters from gene-sample-time microarray data. Daxin Jiang, Jian Pei, Murali Ramanathan, Chun Tang, Aidong Zhang. KDD 2004, 430-439. Cited by 44Web SearchBibTeXDownload
19 Scalable mining of large disk-based graph databases. Chen Wang, Wei Wang, Jian Pei, Yongtai Zhu, Baile Shi. KDD 2004, 316-325. Cited by 41Web SearchBibTeXDownload
20 Mining scale-free networks using geodesic clustering. Andrew Y. Wu, Michael Garland, Jiawei Han. KDD 2004, 719-724. Cited by 38Web SearchBibTeXDownload
21 Tracking dynamics of topic trends using a finite mixture model. Satoshi Morinaga, Kenji Yamanishi. KDD 2004, 811-816. Cited by 35Web SearchBibTeXDownload
22 Generalizing the notion of support. Michael Steinbach, Pang-Ning Tan, Hui Xiong, Vipin Kumar. KDD 2004, 689-694. Cited by 32Web SearchBibTeXDownload
23 Rotation invariant distance measures for trajectories. Michail Vlachos, Dimitrios Gunopulos, Gautam Das. KDD 2004, 707-712. Cited by 29Web SearchBibTeXDownload
24 Dense itemsets. Jouni K. Seppänen, Heikki Mannila. KDD 2004, 683-688. Cited by 28Web SearchBibTeXDownload
25 A graph-theoretic approach to extract storylines from search results. Ravi Kumar, Uma Mahadevan, D. Sivakumar. KDD 2004, 216-225. Cited by 23Web SearchBibTeXDownload
26 A rank sum test method for informative gene discovery. Lin Deng, Jian Pei, Jinwen Ma, Dik Lun Lee. KDD 2004, 410-419. Cited by 22Web SearchBibTeXDownload
27 A framework for ontology-driven subspace clustering. Jinze Liu, Wei Wang, Jiong Yang. KDD 2004, 623-628. Cited by 21Web SearchBibTeXDownload
28 Support envelopes: a technique for exploring the structure of association patterns. Michael Steinbach, Pang-Ning Tan, Vipin Kumar. KDD 2004, 296-305. Cited by 20Web SearchBibTeXDownload
29 IMMC: incremental maximum margin criterion. Jun Yan, Benyu Zhang, Shuicheng Yan, Qiang Yang, Hua Li, Zheng Chen, Wensi Xi, Weiguo Fan, Wei-Ying Ma, QianSheng Cheng. KDD 2004, 725-730. Cited by 19Web SearchBibTeXDownload
30 Mining the space of graph properties. Glen Jeh, Jennifer Widom. KDD 2004, 187-196. Cited by 15Web SearchBibTeXDownload
31 Incremental maintenance of quotient cube for median. Cuiping Li, Gao Cong, Anthony K. H. Tung, Shan Wang. KDD 2004, 226-235. Cited by 11Web SearchBibTeXDownload
32 V-Miner: using enhanced parallel coordinates to mine product design and test data. Kaidi Zhao, Bing Liu, Thomas M. Tirpak, Andreas Schaller. KDD 2004, 494-502. Cited by 8Web SearchBibTeXDownload
33 2PXMiner: an efficient two pass mining of frequent XML query patterns. Liang Huai Yang, Mong-Li Lee, Wynne Hsu, Xinyu Guo. KDD 2004, 731-736. Cited by 7Web SearchBibTeXDownload
34 Recovering latent time-series from their observed sums: network tomography with particle filters. Edoardo Airoldi, Christos Faloutsos. KDD 2004, 30-39. Cited by 7Web SearchBibTeXDownload
35 Learning spatially variant dissimilarity (SVaD) measures. Krishna Kummamuru, Raghu Krishnapuram, Rakesh Agrawal. KDD 2004, 611-616. Cited by 5Web SearchBibTeXDownload
36 Parallel computation of high dimensional robust correlation and covariance matrices. James Chilson, Raymond T. Ng, Alan Wagner, Ruben H. Zamar. KDD 2004, 533-538. Cited by 1Web SearchBibTeXDownload
37 Fast nonlinear regression via eigenimages applied to galactic morphology. Brigham Anderson, Andrew W. Moore, Andrew Connolly, Robert Nichol. KDD 2004, 40-48. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
38 Semantic representation: search and mining of multimedia content. Apostol Natsev, Milind R. Naphade, John R. Smith. KDD 2004, 641-646. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
39 Diagnosing extrapolation: tree-based density estimation. Giles Hooker. KDD 2004, 569-574. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
40 Mining traffic data from probe-car system for travel time prediction. Takayuki Nakata, Jun-ichi Takeuchi. KDD 2004, 817-822. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
41 Feature selection in scientific applications. Erick Cantú-Paz, Shawn D. Newsam, Chandrika Kamath. KDD 2004, 788-793. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
42 Cross channel optimized marketing by reinforcement learning. Naoki Abe, Naval K. Verma, Chidanand Apté, Robert Schroko. KDD 2004, 767-772. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
43 Privacy-preserving Bayesian network structure computation on distributed heterogeneous data. Rebecca N. Wright, Zhiqiang Yang. KDD 2004, 713-718. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
44 Interactive training of advanced classifiers for mining remote sensing image archives. Selim Aksoy, Krzysztof Koperski, Carsten Tusk, Giovanni B. Marchisio. KDD 2004, 773-782. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
45 Document preprocessing for naive Bayes classification and clustering with mixture of multinomials. Dmitry Pavlov, Ramnath Balasubramanyan, Byron Dom, Shyam Kapur, Jignashu Parikh. KDD 2004, 829-834. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
46 Eigenspace-based anomaly detection in computer systems. Tsuyoshi Idé, Hisashi Kashima. KDD 2004, 440-449. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
47 k-TTP: a new privacy model for large-scale distributed environments. Bobi Gilburd, Assaf Schuster, Ran Wolff. KDD 2004, 563-568. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
48 Probabilistic author-topic models for information discovery. Mark Steyvers, Padhraic Smyth, Michal Rosen-Zvi, Thomas L. Griffiths. KDD 2004, 306-315. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
49 Ordering patterns by combining opinions from multiple sources. Pang-Ning Tan, Rong Jin. KDD 2004, 695-700. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
50 A data mining approach to modeling relationships among categories in image collection. Ruofei Zhang, Zhongfei (Mark) Zhang, Sandeep Khanzode. KDD 2004, 749-754. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
51 On the discovery of significant statistical quantitative rules. Hong Zhang, Balaji Padmanabhan, Alexander Tuzhilin. KDD 2004, 374-383. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
52 Learning to detect malicious executables in the wild. Jeremy Z. Kolter, Marcus A. Maloof. KDD 2004, 470-478. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
53 A probabilistic framework for semi-supervised clustering. Sugato Basu, Mikhail Bilenko, Raymond J. Mooney. KDD 2004, 59-68. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
54 Belief state approaches to signaling alarms in surveillance systems. Kaustav Das, Andrew W. Moore, Jeff G. Schneider. KDD 2004, 539-544. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
55 IDR/QR: an incremental dimension reduction algorithm via QR decomposition. Jieping Ye, Qi Li, Hui Xiong, Haesun Park, Ravi Janardan, Vipin Kumar. KDD 2004, 364-373. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
56 A generalized maximum entropy approach to bregman co-clustering and matrix approximation. Arindam Banerjee, Inderjit S. Dhillon, Joydeep Ghosh, Srujana Merugu, Dharmendra S. Modha. KDD 2004, 509-514. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
57 Web usage mining based on probabilistic latent semantic analysis. Xin Jin, Yanzan Zhou, Bamshad Mobasher. KDD 2004, 197-205. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
58 Learning a complex metabolomic dataset using random forests and support vector machines. Young Truong, Xiaodong Lin, Chris Beecher. KDD 2004, 835-840. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
59 Privacy preserving regression modelling via distributed computation. Ashish P. Sanil, Alan F. Karr, Xiaodong Lin, Jerome P. Reiter. KDD 2004, 677-682. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
60 Predicting customer shopping lists from point-of-sale purchase data. Chad M. Cumby, Andrew E. Fano, Rayid Ghani, Marko Krema. KDD 2004, 402-409. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
61 Kernel k-means: spectral clustering and normalized cuts. Inderjit S. Dhillon, Yuqiang Guan, Brian Kulis. KDD 2004, 551-556. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
62 A system for automated mapping of bill-of-materials part numbers. Jayant Kalagnanam, Moninder Singh, Sudhir Verma, Michael Patek, Yuk Wah Wong. KDD 2004, 805-810. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
63 A generative probabilistic approach to visualizing sets of symbolic sequences. Peter Tiño, Ata Kabán, Yi Sun. KDD 2004, 701-706. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
64 Redundancy based feature selection for microarray data. Lei Yu, Huan Liu. KDD 2004, 737-742. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
65 Machine learning for online query relaxation. Ion Muslea. KDD 2004, 246-255. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
66 Regularized multi--task learning. Theodoros Evgeniou, Massimiliano Pontil. KDD 2004, 109-117. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
67 Efficient closed pattern mining in the presence of tough block constraints. Krishna Gade, Jianyong Wang, George Karypis. KDD 2004, 138-147. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
68 Data mining in metric space: an empirical analysis of supervised learning performance criteria. Rich Caruana, Alexandru Niculescu-Mizil. KDD 2004, 69-78. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
69 Discovering additive structure in black box functions. Giles Hooker. KDD 2004, 575-580. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
70 Exploring the community structure of newsgroups. Christian Borgs, Jennifer T. Chayes, Mohammad Mahdian, Amin Saberi. KDD 2004, 783-787. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
71 Cluster-based concept invention for statistical relational learning. Alexandrin Popescul, Lyle H. Ungar. KDD 2004, 665-670. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
72 Selection, combination, and evaluation of effective software sensors for detecting abnormal computer usage. Jude W. Shavlik, Mark Shavlik. KDD 2004, 276-285. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
73 Rapid detection of significant spatial clusters. Daniel B. Neill, Andrew W. Moore. KDD 2004, 256-265. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
74 A cross-collection mixture model for comparative text mining. ChengXiang Zhai, Atulya Velivelli, Bei Yu. KDD 2004, 743-748. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
75 On detecting space-time clusters. Vijay S. Iyengar. KDD 2004, 587-592. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
76 A DEA approach for model combination. Zhiqiang (Eric) Zheng, Balaji Padmanabhan, Haoqiang Zheng. KDD 2004, 755-760. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
77 Sleeved coclustering. Avraham A. Melkman, Eran Shaham. KDD 2004, 635-640. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
78 User-centered design for KDD. Eric Haseltine. KDD 2004, 1. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
79 Interestingness of frequent itemsets using Bayesian networks as background knowledge. Szymon Jaroszewicz, Dan A. Simovici. KDD 2004, 178-186. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
80 Early detection of insider trading in option markets. Steve Donoho. KDD 2004, 420-429. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
81 Graphical models for data mining. David Heckerman. KDD 2004, 2. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
82 Optimal randomization for privacy preserving data mining. Michael Yu Zhu, Lei Liu. KDD 2004, 761-766. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
83 Clustering time series from ARMA models with clipped data. Anthony J. Bagnall, Gareth J. Janacek. KDD 2004, 49-58. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
84 Cyclic pattern kernels for predictive graph mining. Tamás Horváth, Thomas Gärtner, Stefan Wrobel. KDD 2004, 158-167. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
85 Systematic data selection to mine concept-drifting data streams. Wei Fan. KDD 2004, 128-137. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
86 A Bayesian network framework for reject inference. Andrew T. Smith, Charles Elkan. KDD 2004, 286-295. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
87 ANN quality diagnostic models for packaging manufacturing: an industrial data mining case study. Nicolás de Abajo, Alberto B. Diez, Vanesa Lobato, Sergio R. Cuesta. KDD 2004, 799-804. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
88 Adversarial classification. Nilesh N. Dalvi, Pedro Domingos, Mausam, Sumit K. Sanghai, Deepak Verma. KDD 2004, 99-108. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
89 Improved robustness of signature-based near-replica detection via lexicon randomization. Aleksander Kolcz, Abdur Chowdhury, Joshua Alspector. KDD 2004, 605-610. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
90 Why collective inference improves relational classification. David Jensen, Jennifer Neville, Brian Gallagher. KDD 2004, 593-598. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
91 Exploiting a support-based upper bound of Pearson's correlation coefficient for efficiently identifying strongly correlated pairs. Hui Xiong, Shashi Shekhar, Pang-Ning Tan, Vipin Kumar. KDD 2004, 334-343. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
92 GPCA: an efficient dimension reduction scheme for image compression and retrieval. Jieping Ye, Ravi Janardan, Qi Li. KDD 2004, 354-363. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
93 Turning CARTwheels: an alternating algorithm for mining redescriptions. Naren Ramakrishnan, Deept Kumar, Bud Mishra, Malcolm Potts, Richard F. Helm. KDD 2004, 266-275. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
94 Incorporating prior knowledge with weighted margin support vector machines. Xiaoyun Wu, Rohini K. Srihari. KDD 2004, 326-333. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
95 The IOC algorithm: efficient many-class non-parametric classification for high-dimensional data. Ting Liu, Ke Yang, Andrew W. Moore. KDD 2004, 629-634. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
96 The complexity of mining maximal frequent itemsets and maximal frequent patterns. Guizhen Yang. KDD 2004, 344-353. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
97 Predicting prostate cancer recurrence via maximizing the concordance index. Lian Yan, David Verbel, Olivier Saidi. KDD 2004, 479-485. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
98 Identifying early buyers from purchase data. Paat Rusmevichientong, Shenghuo Zhu, David Selinger. KDD 2004, 671-677. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
99 Locating secret messages in images. Ian Davidson, Goutam Paul. KDD 2004, 545-550. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
100 An objective evaluation criterion for clustering. Arindam Banerjee, John Langford. KDD 2004, 515-520. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
101 Effective localized regression for damage detection in large complex mechanical structures. Aleksandar Lazarevic, Ramdev Kanapady, Chandrika Kamath. KDD 2004, 450-459. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
102 Density-based spam detector. Kenichi Yoshida, Fuminori Adachi, Takashi Washio, Hiroshi Motoda, Teruaki Homma, Akihiro Nakashima, Hiromitsu Fujikawa, Katsuyuki Yamazaki. KDD 2004, 486-493. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
103 A general approach to incorporate data quality matrices into data mining algorithms. Ian Davidson, Ashish Grover, Ashwin Satyanarayana, Giri Kumar Tayi. KDD 2004, 794-798. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
104 Column-generation boosting methods for mixture of kernels. Jinbo Bi, Tong Zhang, Kristin P. Bennett. KDD 2004, 521-526. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
105 A quickstart in frequent structure mining can make a difference. Siegfried Nijssen, Joost N. Kok. KDD 2004, 647-652. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
106 TiVo: making show recommendations using a distributed collaborative filtering architecture. Kamal Ali, Wijnand van Stam. KDD 2004, 394-401. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
107 Programming the K-means clustering algorithm in SQL. Carlos Ordonez. KDD 2004, 823-828. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
108 An iterative method for multi-class cost-sensitive learning. Naoki Abe, Bianca Zadrozny, John Langford. KDD 2004, 3-11. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
109 Analytical view of business data. Adam Yeh, Jonathan Tang, Youxuan Jin, Sam Skrivan. KDD 2004, 847-852. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
110 Estimating the size of the telephone universe: a Bayesian Mark-recapture approach. David Poole. KDD 2004, 659-664. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
111 1-dimensional splines as building blocks for improving accuracy of risk outcomes models. David S. Vogel, Morgan C. Wang. KDD 2004, 841-846. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
112 A microeconomic data mining problem: customer-oriented catalog segmentation. Martin Ester, Rong Ge, Wen Jin, Zengjian Hu. KDD 2004, 557-562. Web SearchBibTeXDownload
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